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Easy use

As a discreet home owner,
you want to preserve the look and functionality of your
exterior doors.

Durable, quiet and easy use,
the Debugger Screen allows fresh air into your home
without the entry of insects

Drag & Tap

It was never this easy to fend off the buggers.

Unlike traditional door screens,
the screen retracts out of sight when the simple to use latch switch is engaged.
Incredibly simple to install and operate.

No Mercy

Debugger screen doesn't allow bugs a single chance.

Made from high grade aluminum and resilient acrylic mesh.
Allows fresh air in, keeps bug out.


Size does matter.

Debugger screen fits in a wide variety of window types:
single & double, casement, hung, awning, sliding tilt & turn windows

Precision cut to your specifications for easy installation.


Safety debugger screen
Debugger roll


Two color choices for frame: